Imminent threat to KPFA from Pacifica’s debts

(From KPFA’s general manager Quincy McCoy to station staff on 12/27/17)
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I’ve held off writing this depressing message as long as I could in an effort to gather as much information and analysis possible while working with current and former LSB members in trying to protect KPFA’s interests in this grim situation we find ourselves in.

Because of Pacifica’s critical financial condition and the PNB’s lack of strategic action or courage the prognosis for the network’s future is shadowy.

The Imminent Threat
Come January 12th KPFA’s money and property may be seized by the Empire State Realty Trust because of a 1.8 million dollar debt of our sister station WBAI.

If this happens we will cease broadcasting because we will be unable to operate the station. At that point, our building and our bank account will no longer be under our control. Needless to say, this is a terrible position to be in, especially for management when there is *still* no plan of action to articulate from the National leadership to the staff.

How Did This Happen?
· WBAI owes the Empire State Realty Trust 1.8 million dollars in delinquent transmitter rent. [Plus more delinquent rent since April, not covered in the suit.] ESRT filed in court against Pacifica on November 23rd, 2016. Their monthly rent is currently at $53K per month escalating each month.

· On October 4 a judge found in favor of ESRT making it possible for them to file in all states where Pacifica has properties, allowing them to seize money and property.

· The idea of a signal swap for WBAI was ignited and brokers were hired.

· The PNB voted to give IED the authority to begin preparation for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but he and many others on the PNB thought to sell properties (like our two adjacent buildings) and others could cover the debt. The other idea was a high-interest loan that so far has never been secured. All of these instead of the signal swap in New York.

· Then the PNB rescinded the bankruptcy resolution. Also, KPFA and KPFK signals were added for signal swaps.

· ESRT judgment filed in California on December 6th to seize property and money from KPFA and K. It is a 30-day waiting period that ends January 12h.

· Then the PNB voted to allow some prep for Bankruptcy.

· At PNB meeting 2 weeks ago California’s Deputy Attorney General, Julianne Mossier spoke at the meeting and made it clear that the board needed to vote to take action immediately and that anyone who obstructs for any personal reasons were liable for not carrying out their fiduciary duties.

· The board ignored her plea, but set up an emergency meeting about moving ahead with bankruptcy the following Monday but no action was taken.

· The clock is ticking…

What is Being Done?
I want to thank all the LSB members who have worked so diligently this year negotiating with the PNB in good faith to move the network in a positive direction while also protecting KPFA’s interests.

Because of the imminent threat of a lien on KPFA’s bank account, we have disbursed in advance (what is legally allowed) our payroll account to Dec 31st., medical benefits till February and all of our essential bills are paid. In the first week of January, we will process advance payroll for January and pay another month of medical. I’m sorry to say that is all
management can do. There still is no playbook for a month or two months down the road.

What is the PNB doing? The governance structure of Pacifica, our historic culture of the usual political infighting, etc., has led to disagreement and paralysis. Unless action is taken pretty immediately we may cease to exist. You deserve to understand where things stand. I could wait no longer.

Much respect,
Quincy McCoy
General Manager,
“In times of crisis, *unity* is the only solution.

(Note from  You may write the Pacifica National Board at and cc us at )

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Pacifica board ends executive director’s contract

KPFA1The Pacifica National Board (PNB) announced Friday it has ended the contract of executive director Summer Reese.

New PNB chair Margy Wilkinson sent this message to the network’s general managers, asking that it be forwarded to staff.  She confirms that a new interim executive director will be in place soon.

Reese had been Pacifica chair for three years, recently serving simultaneously as executive director. Wilkinson was elected Pacifica chair last month after new delegates from each of Pacifica’s 5 local stations took their seats on the national board.

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Pacifica seeks to impose gag rule on workers

honorlabor_rosieKPFA is known as “free speech radio” because it was founded on the notion that open discussion — between activists, listeners and programmers — would be at the heart of its mission. For decades, listeners and staff have shaped KPFA and Pacifica through such open exchange and joint governance.

Now, some in Pacifica want that to end. Under the pretext of “confidentiality,” the network’s bureaucrats have created new, prohibitive “Employee Handbooks” for both paid and unpaid staff that dramatically constrain workers’ ability to post criticism of the network on their personal social media accounts and bar them from speaking to the press.

“It’s shamefully obvious,” said one KPFA staff member, “that Pacifica board majority wants to remove its workers’ voices from the conversation about the network’s future. That’s ridiculous, particularly in a media institution that is jointly governed by listeners and staff.”

“The National Labor Relations Board recently affirmed the right of employees to make critical posts about their employers,” said another. “Pacifica is so out-of-touch that it is attempting to institute a policy that is illegal on its face.” The proposed rules are a continuation of an anti-worker, pro-censorship agenda begun under the reign of former Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt.

Under pressure from national board members affiliated with SaveKPFA, the network sent the draft documents to all paid and unpaid staff, allowing comment through May 28. [UPDATE: the handbooks are on hold pending review by the new board.]

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Arlene Engelhardt out, layoffs retracted; yet future of Pacifica remains uncertain

A listener gives her recommendation to Pacifica

KPFA’s paid and unpaid workers celebrated the decision by the Pacifica National Board (PNB), under pressure, to not renew the contracts of Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt and Chief Financial Officer LaVarn Williams. Engelhardt subsequently sent a letter to KPFA’s union, Communications Workers of America Local 9415, retracting Pacifica’s statement of impending layoffs. The union had learned that Engelhardt planned to make up to $250,000 in cuts to KPFA, despite the fact that the station was on track to end the year with a six-figure budget surplus.  KPFA’s union hailed both of these decisions as major victories, following a protracted campaign by staff and listeners.

The vote against the renewal of Engelhardt and Williams’ contracts came at the Pacifica National Board meeting in Berkeley in late July, where legions of listeners and paid and unpaid staff turned out to oppose the direction that the two executives were taking the network — including their plans to lay off workers who generate the income that keeps KPFA and Pacifica afloat. (You can find coverage of that PNB meeting, including audio clips and photos, at and at

During her tenure, Engelhardt oversaw serious and damaging changes to KPFA, including the removal of the popular Morning Show. The PNB voted that she, as with Williams, would remain in her job until November 30th when her contract expires; presumably to protect the foundation against lawsuits from either manager.

However, in a surprise turn of events, the PNB voted this week to immediately replace Engelhardt with the chairperson of the highly factionalized national board, Summer Reese. According to Reese’s press release, she assumed the role of Interim Executive Director on August 17th.  Reese appears to have the backing of Pacifica Treasurer Tracy Rosenberg, who has until now been a staunch ally of Engelhardt, and the architect of the removal of the Morning Show.

The PNB also voted to have yet another in-person meeting of the board in October or November, despite the perilous financial state of the network.  “It is stupid and unnecessary to spend any more money on meetings,” said KPFA staff member Laura Prives, who sits on the Pacifica National Board, and was in the minority opposing another expensive gathering of the 22 member board.

Tracy Rosenberg stops recall

After more than a half-year delay by Pacifica of a listener-initiated recall of Tracy Rosenberg, Rosenberg has sued to bring the vote to a halt.  Rosenberg claims that the recall is unfair because it has been delayed — despite the fact that her allies postponed the recall for months, buying her time to launch her own anti-recall campaign.  Rosenberg submitted her lawsuit before the votes were counted, demanding that they not be tallied, which indicates that she believed she would lose. A hearing is set for September 10. Read more about the status of the recall here.

READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.


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Layoffs imminent at KPFA: vote YES on the KPFA recall to stop the next purge

[We received this message from KPFA’s Brian Edwards-Tiekert on June 29, 2012.]
Hi everyone,

If you’re a KPFA member, you should have just received what may be the most important KPFA ballot you ever get. It asks whether or not to recall Pacifica Treasurer Tracy Rosenberg. At stake is whether KPFA survives as we know it. That’s why I’m urging you to vote “yes” on the recall.

Some background: Rosenberg was the chief architect of a political purge that killed KPFA’s biggest fundraiser—The Morning Show. That purge was a watershed: it was the first time the factionalism of KPFA’s board (where I served as a worker-elected representative) penetrated the station’s day-to-day operations (where I worked as a program host). Rosenberg and Pacifica used a real financial crisis as a pretext to fire  their political enemies, throw us off the air, and replace us with their own supporters.

That move cost KPFA tens of thousands of listeners, and hundreds of thousands of pledge dollars. It also violated the station’s union contract – which is why Pacifica had to reverse most of the layoffs (including my own) it made in that purge.

Inside KPFA, we’ve been slowly re-building. Thanks to heroic fundraising efforts, excruciatingly long fund drives, and a windfall estate gift, we’ve managed to keep the station solvent — KPFA’s April financial statements show us almost exactly on-budget (within 0.75% of budget goals), which means we’re on track to finish the year with an operating surplus of over $150,000.

We’re moving forward: in late May , KPFA launched UpFront—a program I co-host at 7:AM. We launched on three days’ notice, with no publicity, in the final week of a fund drive. But in that first week, we still became the station’s top fundraiser, clocking $40,000 raised in the seven days we were on the air. If we can keep it up, KPFA can start shortening its fund drives and try to win back some of the listeners who’ve left.

Unfortunately, we’re poised to lose it all.

Yesterday, Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt sent a letter to KPFA’s union (and copied to Tracy Rosenberg), giving formal notice that there will be a new round of layoffs in 30 days. As long as Engelhardt is in charge of Pacifica, and taking her cues from Rosenberg, any such cuts will come in the form of another political purge. I doubt KPFA’s ability to recover from this one.

But if Tracy Rosenberg is recalled, it will send a strong message about what KPFA’s listeners will and will not stand for – it may back Pacifica off from making these unnecessary cuts, or at least from making them into a political purge. Most importantly, recalling and replacing Tracy Rosenberg should tip the balance on the Pacifica National Board, and lead to the swift departure of Pacifica’s Executive Director, Arlene Engelhardt–the most aggressively anti-union manager I’ve seen in my nine years at KPFA.

They are killing our network. The Rosenberg/Engelhardt regime has racked up massive bills from $400- to $500-per-hour law firms that Pacifica’s used to fight its unions, its dissident board members, and the organizers of this recall election. Meanwhile, Pacifica’s been routinely shorting paychecks for union members at KPFA, and fallen so far behind on payments to Free Speech Radio News that the program may cease broadcasting within a month. (And yet, somehow, Pacifica’s board majority has found tens of thousands of dollars with which to fly 22 board members from across the country to a four-day meeting in a Hotel in Berkeley next month.)

The best defense Rosenberg’s supporters have mustered is a tepid appeal to “stop the infighting”. But Rosenberg is actually one of the worst purveyors of infighting — she just happens to be doing it from a position of power, from which infighting comes in the form of politically-targeted layoffs and program changes.

Help get out the vote. KPFA elections have low turnout, and tend to be decided by relatively small margins—which is why your actions are so important.  Please:

  • Pass this email on to people you know who might be KPFA members.
  • Go to the website to learn more about the recall campaign.
  • Most importantly, return your ballot now so you don’t forget.

In solidarity,
Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Co-Host, “UpFront”, KPFA 94.1 FM
Former staff representative (2004-2010), KPFA Local Station Board


READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.

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What is union-busting?

By law, employers aren’t supposed to intimidate, coerce, or fire employees for exercising their democratic rights to act collectively with their coworkers. Yet many employers do it anyway — often with the help of outside union-busting consultants like Jackson Lewis. See these general examples of union-busting. Do you recognize any of these patterns at KPFA or Pacifica?


READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.

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KPFA workers and listeners rally against union busting firm

On Wednesday, April 18, listeners joined KPFA’s paid and unpaid staff for a spirited picket of the station’s parent organization, Pacifica Radio, to raise their voices against the network’s hiring of infamous anti-union law firm, Jackson Lewis.

The firm was hired on a retainer for “general labor and employment issues” for the Pacifica network at the urging of executive director Arlene Engelhardt. The AFL-CIO calls the firm the nation’s “number one union-buster.”

Unpaid staffer Tina Bachemin with CWA steward Antonio Ortiz.

Tina Bachemin, KPFA news reporter and unpaid staff member, was one of many unpaid staff members at the picket, and addressed the picketers with a statement of solidarity.  “I see this issue as part of the bitter struggle that’s going on now across America to smash unionism and wage war against workers,” she told the crowd.  “Whether it’s an attempt to take away collective bargaining rights of the public workers in Wisconsin or an attempt to block SEIU janitors and maids from organizing in San Francisco hotels, this issue of whether a law firm with a reputation for union busting should represent Pacifica is part of that same struggle.”

KPFA's Luis Medina.

Over 2000 listeners and staff have signed a petition telling Pacifica to ditch Jackson Lewis. KPFA’s Local Station Board has passed a resolution unanimously calling on Pacifica to drop the firm. Sister station KPFK’s Local Station Board in Los Angeles soon followed with its own resolution.

Graphic donated by Lew Friedman.

Other speakers included labor journalist Steve Early, KPFA news staffer and CWA member Brian Edwards-Tiekert, and CWA District 9 organizer Libby Sayre. Members from a range of unions turned out to support KPFA’s paid staff, including from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW),  the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, (ILWU), the National Union of Health Care Workers (NUHW), the Pacific Media Workers Guild/CWA, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and University Professional & Technical Employees (UPTE).

KPFA’s paid workers are represented by Communications Workers of America Local 9415. Find more photos of the picket here. The Pacifica Evening News covered the picket, and you can hear that story HERE.

READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.

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Join us for a picket against Pacifica’s use of Jackson Lewis

WHEN: Wednesday, April 18, noon-1pm
WHY:  Picket to demand that our radio network stay true to its principles and reverse the hiring of legal consultants Jackson Lewis, which the AFL-CIO calls the nation’s “number one union-buster.” Learn more here.
WHERE: in front of Pacifica’s offices at 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley (that’s the KPFA building). Bring yourself, your friends, and if you like, some signs and noisemakers. See you there!

Workers at KPFA Radio will be marking its 63rd birthday this week not with a party, but with a picket. 

KPFA’s union recently found out that Pacifica hired Jackson Lewis on retainer for its 5-station radio network. The network’s executive director, Arlene Engelhardt, has admitted in a blog that Jackson Lewis was hired by Pacifica years ago, writing glowingly that it had “saved us money” and had done “an exemplary job.” Engelhardt is the manager who killed KPFA’s most listened-to program, the Morning Show, which cost KPFA over $8,000 a day in revenue.

A union-sponsored petition against the hire of Jackson Lewis has quickly garnered over 1700 signatures from Pacifica listeners and staff. It reads, in part: “We are outraged that Pacifica is spending listener donations, intended to fund community radio, on a notorious union-busting firm. This is completely unacceptable for a member-supported nonprofit that prides itself on its progressive history and values. The Pacifica Foundation and National Board must end their relationship with Jackson Lewis immediately.”

Stewards for KPFA’s union staff, who are represented by the Communications Workers of America Local 9415, sent the petition’s signatures to the Pacifica National Board — an elected body comprised of delegates from each of the network’s stations — before its April 13 meeting. KPFA’s Local Station Board had also unanimously passed a resolution the same week declaring it “unacceptable for a single penny of listener contributions to be spent on the most notorious union-busting law firm in the country,” and demanding Pacifica severe ties with Jackson Lewis.

Pacifica board members refuse to listen

Hundreds of KPFA listeners also sent messages as part of an action alert by For instance, long-time KPFA listener Charlene Woodcock wrote to Pacifica’s board: “What’s going on with Pacifica? You don’t represent our values or our interests. You arrogantly disregard our wishes in your interference with valued programming, such as the Morning Show. One has to wonder if you’re trying to destroy the station, as was the Pacifica board ten years ago.”

But in their April 13 meeting, members of the Pacifica National Board did not even bother to discuss the issue about which so many listeners had voiced outrage. Instead, the PNB spent 45 minutes discussing a motion from KPFK/Los Angeles delegate Ken Aaron to block emails from concerned KPFA members as “spam” so that board members would not have to see them. KPFA delegate Andrea Turner pointed out that a member-driven nonprofit founded to advance free speech shouldn’t be scared of communications from listeners: “We should be thankful that someone is out there really concerned about what we are doing,” she said, noting that Pacifica’s board has a duty to hear from its members. The move to block listener emails was defeated by a one-vote margin.

The only KPFA delegate on the Pacifica National Board voting to block emails from listeners was Tracy Rosenberg, who is the target of a pending recall vote. You can listen to Pacifica’s meeting part 1, part 2 and part 3 (the discussion about blocking listener emails starts about 10 minutes into part 2 and continues thru the end of the meeting.)

Let them here from you too: click here to send an email demanding Pacifica terminate all contracts with Jackson Lewis. And, if you are in the Bay Area, please join us for a spirited picket on Wednesday, April 18 at noon outside of Pacifica’s offices (same building as KPFA at 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley).

READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.

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Pacifica hires notorious union-busting legal firm of Jackson Lewis

saveourstationKPFA’s parent organization, the Pacifica Foundation, has hired Jackson Lewis, a notorious anti-union law firm which the AFL-CIO calls “America’s number one union-buster.”  The multimillion-dollar corporate firm specializes in what it calls “preventative practices” — that is, advising managers how to obstruct workers from successfully forming unions and undermining existing unions. “Under its polished veneer lies a for-profit union-buster,” writes the nonprofit American Rights at Work, “one of the oldest and largest” such firms in the nation.

Last week, the union representing KPFA’s workers, Communications Workers of America Local 9415, became aware of Jackson Lewis’ hire by Pacifica at all five stations in the network — KPFA in the San Francisco Bay Area, KPFK in Los Angeles, KPFT in Houston, WPFW in Washington D.C., and WBAI in New York. At a meeting of KPFA’s bargaining unit, the station’s union workers voted to demand that the Pacifica National Board immediately terminate its arrangement with Jackson Lewis, and sent a letter to all members of Pacifica’s board to that effect. The board chose not to take action to reverse its employment of the union-buster.

“We see the entry of Jackson Lewis as a declaration of war on the unions that represent Pacifica workers,” wrote KPFA’s union stewards. “We fear it will lead to unnecessary legal expenses the network can ill afford, sour Pacifica’s already dismal relationship with its union workers, and alienate many listener-supporters who do not want their donations to be handed over to one of organized labor’s greatest enemies in the United States.”  | SIGN PETITION against union busting at Pacifica

Undermining workers’ rights, illegally firing union leaders
Jackson Lewis, which has 48 offices around the country, holds seminars for employers on how to maintain a “union free environment.” One such seminar was profiled in In These Times. Jackson Lewis also advises employers on mastering corporate “concerns” with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including targeting workers who take medical leave.

honorlabor_rosieThe letter from KPFA’s union stewards cited a New York Times investigation into anti-union practices of the company EnerSys, which followed the advice of Jackson Lewis.  EnerSys eventually sued Jackson Lewis for malpractice and advising the company to violate the law. Under Jackson Lewis’ direction, EnerSys illegally fired union leaders, spied on workers, and finally closed the plant as an act of retribution against the union.

“The modus operandi of firms like Jackson Lewis,” wrote KPFA’s union stewards, “is to counsel their clients to take hard-line stances against unions — reject all bargaining demands, reject even the most basic grievances — and then rack up billable hours representing those clients in the ensuing arbitrations and National Labor Relations Board hearings.” The company boasts of the accolades it has received from a survey of Fortune 1000 companies as “the single highest-ranked firm clients want by their side in employment battles.” Jackson Lewis expanded during the economic crisis, its gross revenue increasing by 15% in 2010 to more than $295 million (and by 10% in 2009 and 20% in 2008).

Stand in solidarity with KPFA’s workers! 
For many KPFA listeners and staff, Pacifica’s latest move brings back memories of their struggle against Pacifica management over a decade ago, in which Pacifica hired an anti-union consultant and then installed armed guards, eventually locking out its entire staff and shutting down the station. The new agreement with Jackson Lewis comes on top of over $100,000 KPFA has already spent on other anti-union legal consultants.

stand-with-kpfa-workersIf you are a member of a union, we ask that you get your local union or labor council to pass a resolution condemning Pacifica’s hire of one of the country’s top union-busters.

As an individual, please sign this petition demanding that Pacifica drop Jackson Lewis immediately.  And please take a moment to ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere to do the same.  Stay tuned for updates!


READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.


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Pacifica bounces paychecks and breaks promise to obey labor law

Last month, workers around the Pacifica network, including KPFA, deposited their paychecks — and were shocked to have them bounce. KPFA had sufficient funds to cover its payroll, but Pacifica pools the payroll money of its five stations, and did not warn KPFA that whoever deposited their checks last would end up with a bounced check fine.

Stewards from Communications Workers of America Local 9415, which represents KPFA’s union workers, wrote a letter to Pacifica’s Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt and Chief Financial Officer LaVarn Williams reminding them that bouncing paychecks is a crime. (Read entire letter here.)

“We have advised the workers who draw pay at KPFA to report Pacifica to the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement should any of their paychecks bounce,” wrote Antonio Ortiz, Sasha Lilley, and Philip Maldari. “This will trigger automatic financial penalties for Pacifica, and may result in criminal charges against Pacifica employees responsible for bouncing paychecks.” Pacifica has still not responded to their email.

The check bouncing follows a pension scandal late last year in which Pacifica illegally dipped into the 403(b) retirement accounts of its workers at KPFA and across the network.  After KPFA’s union reported Pacifica to the Department of Labor, Pacifica’s Engelhardt stated that workers would be paid interest on the money that it had withheld from them and that payments would be made in a timely manner.

However, KPFA’s union has found that Pacifica continues to illegally withhold the contributions of its workers, even following Engelhardt’s public statement.  In the month of January, Pacifica withdrew payments from the salaries of its workers, but did not deposit them into their 403(b) accounts.

Pacifica management appears blithely indifferent to breaking the law, whether its KPFA’s union contract or state and federal laws regulating workplace pay and retirement accounts.  Despite hiring high price law firms to attempt to clean up it messes, Pacifica continues to play fast and loose with the rights of its workers.

Support KPFA’s workers during Winter Fund Drive!

KPFA is in the midst of its Winter Fund Drive.  While Pacifica and KPFA management continue to ignore the will of listeners in running the station, it’s important that those who care about the station keep supporting it financially.  Management and its supporters like Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg appear intent on defunding the station by eliminating the programs that raise the most money, so as to shrink the number of union workers at KPFA.  Hence, it’s crucial that listeners continue to support the station financially.

Donating $25 or more makes you eligible to vote in this autumn’s elections for the Local Station Board. You can donate online here.

READ ABOUT KPFA’s workers — both paid and unpaid — and their history of union organizing here. You can also read several leaflets about the recent struggle to retain local control at KPFA.

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